Laser welding machine seamless welding range hood: to be practical, but also value.

For cooks,

The most annoying thing in the kitchen is the fumes.

The fumes from cooking every day,

Not only is it particularly difficult to clean,

Long-term inhalation may cause cancer risks,

Therefore, the range hood is very necessary.

Laser seamless welding range hood,

Both strength and value are online.

The range hood with laser seamless welding is very powerful.

Laser welding welds the joints of various parts,

It can achieve molecular bonding between stainless steel or aluminum alloy plates.

Seamless and strong, without fear of oil and water,

Long-term use will not rust and corrosion.


The hood of laser seamless welding is appearance index.

The continuous welding seam formed by laser welding,

The surface is smooth, smooth and even,

It is more beautiful and easier to clean than spot welding in appearance.

High-quality life is hidden in these details,

Add extra points to your kitchen beauty.


Improve daily quality of life,

Often accompanied by the replacement of home appliances.

Laser seamless welding range hood with both internal and external repairs,

Let you say goodbye to fume troubles and return you to the new kitchen.

Starting from the details, every place is full of quality life.


Recommended equipment

Handheld laser welding machine HW-A



Welding of metal sheet

Integrated and convenient design

Ergonomic hand-held welding head

No need to add welding wire, welding is firmer

General workers can go to work without professional welders

Energy saving, power consumption is less than 1.5 degrees/hour


General workers can easily weld


Process application:


It is mainly used for welding the same materials of aluminum sheet, iron sheet, stainless steel sheet, copper sheet and other metal sheets. And a variety of materials such as aluminum and copper, stainless steel and copper are welded together.

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