“Add Codes” for Healthy Drinking Water –Laser Marking Water Purifier Filter Element

As people pay more attention to the health of drinking water, thousands of households have gradually used water purifiers, and water purifiers become essential appliances for many families. The filter element is the core component of the water purifier, which intercepts harmful substances in the water. However, regular replacement of the filter element is also quite necessary.


Therefore, when we buy the filter element, we need to check the filter materials, production date, anti-counterfeiting mark, precautions and other information that marked on the filter element.


Product information for filter cartridges used to be labeled by using label paper printers to print the information, which needs to be manually posted after printing. The label is not neatly posted, and the pasting speed is low. Also, the design is also obtrusive by using traditional marking method, which affects the aesthetics of the product and the corporate image. Additional, the ink printing marking method that wastes paper resources and paints containing toxic substances has caused pollution and damage to the environment to a certain extent. At the same time, the marking method of label paper is also very easy to fall off, thus there is a hidden danger of malicious tampering by treacherous merchants.


Laser marking is a better alternative. Laser marking technology marks on the water purifier filter element, which has three characteristics: rapidity, reliability and durability. After setting the parameters on the computer, the laser marking machine can accurately engrave product information such as clear and long-lasting logos or texts in a few seconds. The markings are neat and beautiful, and they cannot be wiped or changed to achieve anti-counterfeiting effects. At the same time, laser marking not break down or damage the processed target.


The laser marking machine can mark the most of the water purifier filter shell materials, including plastic shells which includes PP, PE, PVC, ABS and other plastic materials, stainless steel shells, tempered glass shells, etc.


Recommend—UV laser marking machine



1. Using 355nm "cold light source" configuration, smaller laser spot and it can achieve hyperfine marking on wide range of applicable materials

2.The core components are imported from abroad, with excellent performance, stable quality and long service life;

3.Adopts integrated design, integrates machine hardware, control system and work platform, which has a small footprint and is easy to operate;

4.Self-developed marking control software, powerful, friendly interface, simple and fast operation, easy to learn and use;

5.Strong compatibility: support the import of DXF, PLT vector and picture formats; support bitmap fonts, TTF fonts and self-developed fonts; support multiple galvanometer correction methods; greatly meet the needs of customers at different levels.


Suitable for PVC, rubber, plastics, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, glass high reflective materials, etc.

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