Laser cutting chess, which make people enjoy the fun of chessboards

The new play "Abandoned Soldiers on the Back Wing" made by Netflix, which making chess so popular. Many people bought chess and learned to play. The play describes a genius girl-Beth Harmon, who grew up in an orphanage. And she is a chess master with high IQ and beautiful appearance who has made countless people admired. There are only seven episodes in total, and each episode was attracting, which is a recommending series.

Chess is hailed as smart gymnastics, intellectual competition and civilized warfare

Because of the simple and interesting features

Which becomes a very popular chess activity

The whimsy chessboard world can be taken by chess laser Cutting Machine

Most of the chess made by wooden on the market

With people’s pursuit of personalization

Materials like acrylic, cardboard and other materials of chess are also becoming popular

Even playing chess has become a process of enjoying beauty

While people using chess cut by laser technology

Besides, people can exercise logical thinking and cultivate patience expect entertainment


Laser technology was used by foreign netizens

To make a set of "League of Legends" version of chess as an anniversary gift for their boyfriends

The appearance of the game characters is with exquisite lines

For "League of Legends" game lovers

They can’t wait to have a hero showdown on the chessboard


Designer Andrea Vecera launched an environmentally friendly chess called “Paperloo”

There are only two pieces of corrugated paper and a box of the entire product

The chess pieces are precisely cut by laser technology

After manual assembly, people can play chess in the box

The fascinating intellectual "palace" of chess

Is with its uniquely charming world of winning and losing, so people fondle admiringly

The "Abandoned Soldiers on the Back Wing" style is one of its opening methods

And it is also one of the most classic opening methods

Laser cutting machine makes designers' whimsical ideas no longer abstract

Laser technology makes drawings to reality, and becomes tangible

Laser cutting chess, which make people enjoy the fun of chessboards


Recommended equipment-CO2 laser cutting machine


Features of CO2 laser cutting machine:


Integrate carving and cutting;

High-speed smooth interpolation motion algorithm;

Real-time dynamic display and tracking of processing track;

Continuous engraving after power off, and millisecond working hours preview;

Track compensation function for spot size.



Wood products, paper, leather, cloth, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, bamboo products, clothing fabrics, leather goods, mobile phone accessories, stickers, clothing hot drilling, plastic nozzle, mobile phone protective film, Non-metallic materials such as jade.

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