Best selling Laser Cutting & marking Machine in Bangalore India

GD Han’s Yueming Laser Group Co., Ltd , a subsidiary of Han’s Laser Technology Co., Ltd (Stock code:002008), is a hi-tech enterprise which manufactures laser machines and focuses on Research & Development plus selling of industrial laser products .More than 80000 sets have been sold worldwide . India market is one of our major overseas market . Our laser Cutting Machine and laser marking machine is very popular in Bangalore India . We have agent here and engineers is available for aftersales service . The following items is our best selling model in local market .

CMA1325C-B-A laser flatbed

This laser cutting machine in Bangalore India is specially designed for customers who need to cut non-metal material such as acrylics , wood , MDF etc . With the reinforced welding frame and high strength aluminum alloy beam , the machine would run faster and smoother .  The laser cutting machine in Bangalore India is suitable for advertising industrial and furniture industry .

CMA1309-B-A General laser cutting engraving machine

Equipped with YM Laser self-developed Smart Carve software and controller and supporting work time preview and interruptible engraving recovery after power-off , this kind of  laser cutting machine Bangalore India is widely used to cutting non-metal material such as wood , paper , epoxy resin , acrylic , plastic , rubber and bamboo etc . Besides , three more Laser Cut head is available if needed . OEM order is highly welcome .

CMA1610-FET Double head auto feeding laser cutting machine

This laser cutting machine in Bangalore India with the auto-feeding and unloading system which will save labor cost a lot . It’s specially designed for clothing industry and suitable for cutting cotton , linen , leather , paper, chemical fiber and so on .

CMA0604-B-A CO2 laser cutting engraving machine

Rotary device is available for engraving or cutting the cylindrical products . It’s suitable for craft industry and can engraving almost all kinds of non-metal material .

CMA1530C-G-E high speed fiber laser cutting machine

With the leapfrog function , the laser cut head will move parabolic which will improve cutting efficiency greatly . It’s fit for all kinds of industry who need to cut metal materials such as carbon steel , aluminum alloy , titanium alloy , galvanize sheet , brass , red copper etc .

CMA1530C-GH-D high performance fiber metal laser cutting machine 

The imported fiber laser generator with lower power consumption .Compressed air is enough for sheet cutting which will save a lot of cost on auxiliary gas . 

MF20-E-A fiber laser marking machine

Supporting multi language switch and up to 256 color layer management functions . Very good marking effect on metal materials such as stainless steel , brass and so on . 

MC180-D-C CO2 laser marking machine with triaxial dynamic system

With tri-axial dynamic scanning system and marking with high speed and good stability . It’s widely used to marking all kinds of non-metal material like leather , cloth , wood , bamboo product , organic glass , ceramics , marble , jade , crystal etc . 

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