Laser cutting aluminum alloy light box

Advertising light boxes are also known as "light box posters" or "luminous posters". The luminous light boxes can quickly attract people's vision and achieve a good publicity effect. Various types of aluminum fiber laser cutting machines for cutting advertising light boxes have long been the standard configuration of commercial stores.


Among them, ultra-book advertising light boxes are more common in indoor advertising, and most of them are made of aluminum alloy as the frame and acrylic light guide plate. It is often used for business product display, and now it is also used for corporate office cultural slogan display. Customizing aluminum fiber laser Cutting Machine cutting light boxes according to the shop has always been the current market demand. Wall-mounted, vertical and other styles of light boxes are becoming more and more diverse, and the requirements for frame processing are also getting higher and higher.


Aluminum fiber laser cutting machine has always provided strong technical support for metal processing in the advertising industry. Compared with traditional cutting methods, fiber laser cutting machines have become an indispensable weapon for advertising manufacturers due to their high efficiency, low cost, intelligence, customization and other advantages.


Advantages of aluminum fiber laser cutting machine cutting aluminum alloy


01 Flexible processing, unlimited graphics


Laser processing does not need to open the mold, do not need to make molds for different designs, no matter it is simple or complex shape, it can be cut into shape at one time with a fiber laser cutting machine.


02 High precision, good cutting effect


The cutting surface of laser-cut aluminum is free of burrs and slag. The processed workpieces do not require further polishing, deburring, finishing and other processing work, and can be directly sprayed and welded.


03 Save materials and reduce production costs


The aluminum fiber laser cutting machine adopts computer programming, and the laser equipment can cut aluminum plate processing parts of different shapes, which improves the material utilization rate of aluminum and reduces the production cost.


04 Computer control, high degree of autonomy


The loading, clamping, rotation, cutting, feeding, cutting, and unloading of the workpiece are automatically completed by the machine tool, which reflects the characteristics of fully automated products and greatly improves production efficiency.


05 Low failure rate and long service life


In addition to human factors, the failure rate of the system itself is very small during use, and there will be no vibration or other adverse effects even under long-term working pressure.


Recommended equipment


Gantry rack dual-drive fiber laser cutting machine


1. Features


Gantry rack double-drive structure, reinforced welded bed, large-scale gantry precision milling, tempering treatment and vibration aging to eliminate stress, ensuring that the deformation tolerance of the machine tool is within ±0.02mm;


The beam is manufactured by drawing process and finishing process, with light weight, high rigidity and good dynamic performance;


The cutting head adopts the leapfrog function, and the parabolic motion is used between the cutting contours. The contour switching process automatically realizes the "leapfrog", which greatly improves the cutting efficiency;


With automatic centralized lubrication function, the traditional parts are automatically lubricated through system control without manual intervention, thereby ensuring the accuracy and service life of the transmission parts;


2. Process application


The aluminum fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used for the rapid cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, red copper and other metal materials.

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