Can Robot cat be like a real cat? CO2 wood laser Cutting Machine uncovers the mystery for you

Today, Mr. Yueming is going to introduce a robot cat to everyone. Many people may be the first to think of Doraemon, but todays protagonist is not it, but this called Nybble robot cat cut by CO2 wood laser cutting machine.


If you are a cat lover, but you can't raise a cat because you don't have time to take care of your cat or other various practical problems, then this wooden robot cat cut by the CO2 wood laser cutting machine can satisfy your desire.


Nybble's movement is driven by an Arduino-compatible microcontroller, which stores the cats instinctive "muscle memory" for action. Be able to make steps, sprinting, speeding and running, etc., just like a real lively kitten.


The process of making wooden crafts,

Just like the process of a painter painting on white paper,

In addition to being inspired, the designer's "brush" is also crucial.

As a "weapon" for wood product processing,

The CO2 wood laser cutting machine is undoubtedly its indispensable "brush".

Dr. Rongzhong Li, the designer of robot cat,

After weighing manufacturing accuracy and mass production capacity,

Decided to use a CO2 wood laser cutting machine to complete the manufacturing of the Nybble model.


Dont think the Nybble robot cat is just the size of a kitten,

Its structure is very delicate.

After drawing the shape of the wooden parts of the body on the computer,

The CO2 wood laser cutting machine can quickly cut and shape according to the pattern.

The automatic typesetting function can also greatly provide material utilization,

Reduce material waste.


Under the high-precision CO2 wood laser cutting machine,

Completed dozens of fine wooden parts, with smooth edges and no burrs,

There is no chipping problem that may exist in general wooden toys.

The parts fit tightly, and the assembly is effortless.

With universal laser technology,

No longer have to envy others with cats,

You can also have your own cat pet.


Advantages of CO2 wood laser cutting machine processing wood products


The laser process of non-contact processing, no tool wear, will not damage the material.

Software control, graphics are not restricted, and can complete various complex graphics processing.

The automatic typesetting function can maximize the utilization of materials.

High precision, beautiful cut, more delicate effect, meeting the production technology demand of wood products.


Recommended equipment: general laser cutting machine


General purpose laser cutting machine CMH1309-B-A


1. Functional characteristics of general laser cutting machine


Integrate carving and cutting

High-speed smooth interpolation motion algorithm

Real-time dynamic display and tracking of processing track

Continuous carving after power failure, millisecond working hours preview

Spot size track compensation function


2. Process application of CO2 wood laser cutting machine


CO2 wood laser cutting machine is suitable for wood products, paper, leather, cloth, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, bamboo products, clothing fabrics, leather goods, mobile phone accessories, stickers, clothing hot drilling, plastics Non-metallic materials such as nozzles, mobile phone protective films, jadeware, etc.


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