Metal jewelry laser Cutting Machine shows the creative thinking of jewelry industry

Jewelry is the carrier of beauty. Since the beginning of human beings' understanding of decoration and beautification, they have formed an indissoluble bond with jewelry. Metal jewelry laser cutting machine shows the creative thinking of jewelry industry

Designer Aurore is inspired by the creation of pure and structured jewelry. Around the charm of Paris architecture, Aurore relies on the power of laser cutting technology to create special jewelry. 

Aurore integrates hard but graceful styles into ingenious shapes, structures, tones and texture details. Metal ring exudes delicate and implicit elegance, which is carefully cutting by high precision laser cutting technology.

Unlike the traditional classical gorgeous necklace, Aurore uses laser technology to depict bold personality jewelry with concise lines, subverting the traditional meaning of jewelry with its unique aesthetic way. 

The combination of metal and laser cutting machine makes the original cold material warmer.

Metal jewelry laser cutting machine activates the characteristics of metal materials to a great extent and promotes better integration of jewelry and human body

Recommending metal jewelry laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine

1. Metal jewelry laser cutting machine has gantry rack& pinion structure and high torque double servo system. Improving the production efficiency greatly;

2. Crossbeam adopt the Aluminum section with finish machining. Light, good rigidity and dynamic;

3. Intensive Chasis with tempering and vibration aging, Good stability;

4. Fully enclosed housing is in accordance with CE standard;

5. Metal jewelry laser cutting machine adopt the professional laser cutting software which has the function of scan cutting, graphic arrangement and sharp angle smoothing, which can realize high-speed punching and marking.

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