Carton laser marking machine to create a Tanabata gift box: Wrap gifts and convey love

When the promise of the mountain alliance and each other, along with the romantic atmosphere in the air was released, the Qixi Festival came as scheduled. It is a happy thing to prepare gifts for the beloved. When the laser marking of the carton box meets the Qixi gift box, I realize that there is no shortage of precious gifts in this world, but a special heart.


The paper gift box is beautiful and practical,

All have a very large design space.

Carton laser marking machine is currently in the production of paper products,

A relatively high-quality processing method.

Because of the flexible performance of its process, various ingenious ideas are realized,

Customize a unique Qixi gift box packaging for your Her/Him.


Charming colors, mysterious feelings.

The unpacking process is as mysterious as "uncovering the mystery".

The carton laser marking machine has built a bridge of love.

Every delicate edge, every hollow pattern,

They all condense the friendship of lovers,

Bring an unexpected surprise to those who received the Qixi Festival gift box.


Every love chapter is sweet and beautiful,

Every happy moment worth remembering is accompanied by a carton laser marking machine.

Qixi Festival has limited time, but unlimited love.

The Qixi Festival gift box created with laser technology opens a romantic appointment,

Witness the time of sweet love with you.


Recommended equipment: three-axis dynamic laser marking machine


Three-axis dynamic laser marking machine MC-D-C


1. Functional characteristics of three-axis dynamic laser marking machine

Three-axis dynamic scanning system

Compact body structure design

Upper and lower double exhaust structure

High-quality original CO2 RF laser

Industrial-grade precision temperature control laser chiller

Independent research and development of SmartScanner special software for marking


2. Applicable materials for three-axis dynamic laser marking machine


The three-axis dynamic laser marking machine is mainly used for marking non-metallic materials such as greeting cards, leather, rubber, wood, bamboo products, plexiglass, ceramic tiles, plastics, marble, jade, crystal, and cloth.

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