Metal laser marking machine, leading metal label industry

    As a modern precision processing method, compared with printing, Metal laser marking machine  has unparalleled advantages. Metal laser marking machine has the reliable ability of maintenance-free, high flexibility, high reliability and performance, especially suitable field strict for finesse, depth, smoothness, it is widely used in metal products industry, the processing materials include metal iron , copper, stainless steel, gold, alloys, aluminum, silver and all metal oxides.
    Hardware laser marking machine can mark a variety of text, serial number, product number, bar code, two-dimensional code, production date on the hardware, and the time, date or serial number, product number automatically can jump numbers. Laser marking text and graphics are not only clear, fine, but also do not be erased, modified, which is beneficial for product quality and channel tracking, and it can effectively prevent the sale of expired products, anti-counterfeiting to prevent changing products.
    The pattern processed by hardware laser marking machine is quite delicate, the minimum line width is 0.04mm. The pattern is lasting, elegant and clear. Laser marking machine can meet the need of printing large amounts of data on a minimum of hardware products. It can mark the two-dimensional bar code which requires higher resolution, good accuracy. Compared with embossing or injection, powerful advantages give laser marking machine a broader overseas market.
    As a new identification device, hardware laser marking machine gradually shows more and more excellent performance quality, laser marking machine usage trends increasing year by year, especially used in hardware industry.
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    As a leader in the laser industry, Han's Yueming Laser tried to promote the laser equipment used in metal products industry, and provides authoritative industry solutions to help customers effectively control costs, improve processing efficiency.
    MF50-DA fiber 3D laser marking machine, as its name, called "king of marking", the ultra-high quality, low prices, a listing in the country lead a "fiber laser marking machine popular storm. " The device is widely used in the bathroom, electronic components, consumer products, sensors, batteries, automobile parts, 3C electronics, handicrafts, metal products and other industries.
     Han’s Yueming laser also developed a variety of laser devices, such as UV laser marking machine, laser drilling machines, food packaging, according to market demand a superior performance.

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