Decoration Industry: Double Color Board Engraving Machine

In decoration industry, there’s material people can not refuse – double color board, which is a new soft decorative material. In double color board processing industry, there’s indispensable laser equipment – double color board laser engraving machine, which is a combination of technology and fashion. 

Double color board is based on ABS substrate which produces by screen paint drying or curing pressure polyethylene and other technique. As its excellent characters of impact resistance, heat resistance low temperature resistance, it is widely used in sign, light boxes, guide cards and others. So double color board engraving machine has naturally become processing artifact of decoration. 

In the moment of people pay attention to laser Cutting Machine, laser marking machine, advanced double color board engraving machine has become the new favorite of producer. The application of double color board is wide, for example in building decoration, advertisin, model processing and other industry. With a large number of double color board engraving machine comes into market, we can see the traces of double color board everywhere. 

Seizing customers’ demand is the king in today’s science and technology time. Accurate engraving and fashion design gave birth to laser engraving machine. As producer’s increasing requirement of engraving speed and accuracy, double color board engraving machine brings decoration industry to a new direction. 

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