Han’s Yueming Fiber Laser Cutter—the Right Choice

In small-power laser equipment industry, Han’s Yueming Laser has developed just like a flying eagle, a running leopard with a high-speed, and stable growth for 15 years. And fiber laser cutter has become your wise choice of metal processing industry.

As a leader of Han’s Yueming always adhere to make excellent products, service. In an annual output of thousands laser equipment while its laser Cutting Machine, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine still maintain high quality. Of course, this new type fiber laser cutter is also known as metal laser cutting machine which is the leader of metal cutting industry, which can cut stainless steel, sheet metal fast and high precision that will have excellent cutting effect. Compared with traditional mechanical metal cutting machine, the price of fiber laser cutter is cheaper, but higher effective, which is definitely great news for metal processing business. 

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