Fiber laser tube Cutting Machine cutting stainless steel guardrail-Give you safety and beauty

Whether it is on the balcony or by the river, stainless steel protective fences are required to prevent danger. In the process of stainless steel guardrail processing, fiber laser tube cutting machine plays an important role. Not only the cutting effect is good, it also ensures the safety of the production process.


The lessons of countless falling blood remind us of the importance of the fence. As a kind of metal protection tool, the protective fence is mostly made of stainless steel and other metal composite pipes, which are not only beautiful in appearance, but also practical. As an efficient and high-quality metal processing tool, the tube laser cutting machine can be used for the cutting of guardrails, effectively improving the efficiency of tube processing.


The advantages of fiber laser tube cutting machine used in the processing of the protective fence industry are:


1. The corner fast cutting system, the corner responds quickly, which greatly improves the cutting efficiency;


2. Efficient receiving system, the cut workpiece can be automatically blanked to different areas, realizing fully automatic intelligence.


3. Pipes such as round pipes and rectangular pipes can be automatically loaded without manual intervention, and special-shaped pipes can be manually assisted and semi-automatically loaded;


Sheet & Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 

The fiber laser pipe cutting machine can easily deal with various shapes of pipes in the stainless steel guard rail, and can also complete the drilling of the pipes during the pipe cutting process.At the same time, the fiber laser pipe cutting machine can also cut metal pipes of various materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other materials.

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