Freeze-proofing Measures Maintenance for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Winter

The temperature drop seriously with the winter coming . So it’s very necessary to take some measures maintenance to keep the fiber laser cutting machine operate normally in the cold winter. Here are some practical measures as below : 

The maintenance of laser

a.We highly recommend Clariant industrial grade anti-freezing liquid for the fiber laser machine which need to be operated continuously . It’s a industrial water type glycol which is harmful to human beings and the model number is Antifrogen N . The volume should be 10% to 20% of the water tank, but please note it cannot exceed 20% of it . 

Remarks:The water type propanediol is prohibited 

b.For those fiber laser cutting machine that don’t need to work continuously , we just keep the water chiller of medium-power machine running at night without power on . For the high power laser which the maximum power beyond 2000W , the 24V power must be always on to keep the coolant in a cyclic state and the temperature should be above the freezing point .

The maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine water chiller 

1.The air conditioner or other heating facities should be installed to keep temperature at about 10 degrees.

2.The running water won’t freeze ,so pls keep the water running by operating chiller without break .

3.Mixing glylic antifreeze with water in water tank to antifreeze .

4.The water tank of the chiller should be drained if the fiber laser cutting machine won’t be used for a long time or power off . 

Drainage Steps

A.Turn off the device and open the down valve to drain all the water from the water tank. 

B.Turn on the filter in chiller and drain all the water from it.

C.Turn on the drain screw under the water tank to empty the water in it. 

D.Take down the water pipe behind the tank and mark it clearly .Then squeeze out the water in the laser by putting the 0.2MPA gas into the water pipe(Φ12). 

E.Squeeze out the water in laser head by putting the 0.2MPA gas into the water pipe(Φ8)



*.Drain the water with proper gas pressure to protect the laser and keep the water running easy with appropriate concentration anti-freezing liquid.

*.All the water in laser ,laser head and chiller should be drained totally to protect the whole water cooling pipe and relevant components effectively . 

The instructions to add anti-freezing liquid

.You’d better to buy the anti-freezing liquid from the local hardware chemical shop intead of buy it from internet because it’s not good for shipping . 

.The proportion should be 30% glycol and 70% water . 

.The glycol must be added if the temperature below zero.

.Please remember glycol is not alcohol and we need to distinguish it strictly

.Please note the full title is “Antifreeze liquid glycol” when you are buying it . 

Above is the anti-freezing measure for fiber laser cutting machine . If you have any comments , please feel free to call us by +86-18826950666.

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