Laser counterattacks in packaging industry, Engraving machines become trump card

In daily life, some containers are used to package for protecting products, easy storage and transportation etc. It is laser Engraving machine that helps to add the finishing touch for marks on the packaging material such as production date, batch number, logo, text.

There is no perfect packaging but more real marks. Although laser Engraving machine is more expensive than traditional ink jet printing and manufacturers don’t accept quickly, it takes a significant "counter-attack" with its advanced authenticity and durability when developing. Abandoning tradition and innovating, this laser equipmnet appears to conform to the pursuit of modern people– environmental friendly, wholesome, convenient. Just like using a brush to draw on lion’s eyes, laser marker also draw a light but deep imprint in packaging industry.

There is no complicated procedure but fast processing. This era witness gradually faster pace and labor scarce. If you are still complacent, you will be left behind. No matter what the industry is and what materials processed, you fail when your processing speed does not meet with the actual situation and consumers are not satisfied with marking effect. Therefore, people have to make adjustments. Combining with computer and automation technology, laser Engraving machine has become the industry's trump card.

Now Laser Engraving machines are more and more advanced. For different materials, there are fiber laser and CO2 laser; for different processing requirements, different power laser tubes can be equipped which are suitable for cardboard, plastic, metal, wood. Laser Engraving machines takes a nice counter-back in Han’s Yueming.

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