Han’s Yueming teach you how to choose the laser head


There are many choices about laser head in the processing industry. They are imported ,domestic; expensive or cheap; they are metal cutting laser head, carbon dioxide laser head ……there are dazzling selection, variety selection, only discerning people would find suitable. The Han’s Yueming teach you: how to become discerning people to pick the laser head.
       If the body of laser cutting equipment is the solid carrier, then the small laser head is the efficient representation. All laser devices have a corresponding laser head, whether it is used in the electronics industry 3D laser marking machine, or sheet metal industries using laser machine, its essence is that small but significant laser head.
      As part of the manufacturing industry, enterprises  choose their own processing favorable laser equipment and laser head. Metal cutting laser head, leather fabric cutting laser head, different industries have different selections, therefore, users must first understand and determine their own material and processing needs. Different selection between fibers and carbon dioxide, the processing result will be different, some of the metallic material such as iron, steel, aluminum and others, fiber can cut them faster and more stable; and for some plastics, leather and others,  selecting the carbon dioxide gets better result, all of this is the challenge for discerning people.
     As one of the rise of ethnic enterprises,   Han’s Yueming laser has followed the latest development of the times in the manufacturing and sales. Manufacturer will choose different laser heads according to the needs of society, and also will patiently listen to users in order to introduce the most suitable laser head and laser machine spare parts, to meet the need of consumers.

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