Is the price of mask machine reduced now, will manufacturers wholesale be cheaper?

It has been a long time since the mask machine has been in full swing. After some company entering the market, the mask machine has been fully produced after the purchase of the mask machine at a high price. Those who are still on the sidelines expect the price of the mask machine to come down, and wait for more manufacturers to wholesale and then enter the market cheaper. Because of the outbreak of the epidemic abroad, it is expected that the demand for masks will be in short supply for a long time. Is it appropriate to enter now?


At present, China has resumed production for three months, production and life have basically returned to normal, and various production capacities have also kept up. The mask machines that were bought in February and March are now available from stock. The price of the spot mask machine has also declined with the supply. If you go to the factory for wholesale, there will be more bargaining space and it will be cheaper than the intermediary reselling.


The mask machine must choose a regular large enterprise to have price and quality assurance. Because supporting a kind of anti-epidemic materials in a short period of time, large-scale, high-quality and rapid organization of production, it must be an enterprise with deep accumulation and strong resource integration capabilities. With the strong capital and technical strength of Han's Yueming Group, mask machine delivery and after-sales service are fully guaranteed.


Currently, the third-generation fully automatic N95 / KN95 mask machine with a monthly output of 200 pieces can be booked in large quantities in stock and futures. Leading equipment technology, high degree of intelligence, easy online debugging, high productivity of single machine, stable working performance, and sincere price of mask machine! Welcome mask manufacturers from all over the world to visit our Dongguan Songshan Lake production base!

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