[High speed and flexible, visual matching] Fully automatic laser film Cutting Machine.

Times are developing and technology is advancing. With the advancement of flexible film technology, various flexible films are widely used in electronic and electrical appliances, machinery, printing, clothing, medical and other industries. It can be used for product shielding sealing, waterproof sealing, heat conduction, insulation, appearance decoration, appearance protection, etc. The application scenes have different shapes and ever-changing shapes. The application of "membrane" is ubiquitous. Due to the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods-knife cutting or mold forming, laser cutting has been widely used in flexible film processing.


Full-automatic laser film cutting machine is a fully automated solution for reflective materials and film half-cutting process. Its functions include unwinding, film tearing, laser half-cutting, waste discharge, laminating, and rewinding. The overall module Customized design: laser main control module, automatic rewinding and rolling module, film tearing module, waste disposal module, film coating module, and vision module, according to customers' different functions and cost needs to make a variety of choices.



Using imported CO2 radio frequency laser, the spot quality is good, the optical power density is uniform; the output optical power is stable;

Three-axis dynamic scanning system, the core device adopts imported configuration. Intuitive operability, small focusing spot, large working range, high speed and flexibility, good stability;

The optical path cavity adopts a fully enclosed double dustproof design, which effectively protects the core optical devices such as lasers and galvanometers from pollution, making the equipment work more stable and longer life;

The height of the marking head can be adjusted to meet the maximum processing width of 600mm*600mm;

Up and down double exhaust system, effectively remove the processing dust, to achieve environmental protection and safety;

The fully automatic roll covering system uses a professional tension controller and a servo motor to form a motion control system to ensure that the materials are retracted synchronously, and the running accuracy is less than 0.1mm;

Optional visual alignment and flight marking function;

Equipped with self-developed SmartScanner professional control system, compatible with importing graphics designed by AutoCAD, CorelDraw and other professional drawing software, with fast processing speed and high processing efficiency.


Process application:

The automatic laser film cutting machine can be used for the processing of flexible film materials such as reflective film, stickers, PET film, PVC film, PP film and so on.


Process advantages

The laser processing speed is faster, shortening the output cycle of finished products;

There is no need to open the mold for laser processing, no need to make molds for different designs, saving a lot of production costs;

The laser processing precision is within millimeters, and the cutting edge is smooth and smooth, which reduces the defect rate of the product;

The traditional film cutting and adjusting knife is complicated, and the laser film cutting machine only needs to adjust the parameters on the computer to meet the different needs of half-cut, full-cut, and point-cut;

The traditional processing method has little flexibility, and the laser film cutting machine has unlimited graphics, which can complete the cutting of complex graphics and maximize the material utilization rate.


The automatic laser film cutting machine is a high-tech product that combines laser technology, optical technology, precision machinery, and computer software technology. It has the advantages of high efficiency and high precision, and ensures the high-quality production of flexible film materials. Experts in the processing field have become the first choice of many manufacturers.

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