Protect wild animals, the simulation laser printer is in action! ” Thirty years old ” is on fire. You are concerned about the Hermès bag, and I am concerned about the laser process.

The hottest drama nowadays is undoubtedly "Thirty Years Old".

This large-scale urban drama mainly talks about the lives of three women of different classes working hard in the same city.

Among them, Gu Jia, who has keen observation and excellent working ability, left a deep impression on people.

When the company encountered difficulties, she decided to enter the local "wife circle" for her career.

Gu Jia, who was new to the upper class, participated in the group photo of the ladies, and everyone in the room was carrying the top luxury Hermes.


In the circle of wives, the bag represents a status symbol.

The wife occupying the C position is holding a platinum bag called the white Himalayan crocodile.

At Christie's in Hong Kong, it was sold at a sky-high price of 2.94 million Hong Kong dollars.

But did you know? Behind these precious bags, there are stories you can't imagine…


Its flawless leather was actually peeled off the crocodile.

Because the crocodile's back is thick and rough, only the softest belly can be used as a bag.

To keep the precious crocodile belly to the utmost extent, the only way to cut it is from the back.


The demand for wild animals in luxury goods is not limited to bags.

There are also  pairs of high-end snake skin, crocodile leather shoes,  pieces of luxurious mink fur, fox fur coat, etc…

The limited editions and rare leathers of these luxury goods are, for some people, capital to show off and compare.

But for animals, every piece of leather is the key to open the door to bloody murder.

Apart from refusing to buy leather goods made of these wild animal skins, what else can we do?


With the rapid development of technology,

Animal patterns for shoes and bags are not necessarily obtained by killing animals.

Modern industrial manufacturing technology can produce 100% simulated animal patterns,

Such as the simulation laser printer, it can make realistic crocodile skin, snake skin and other precious animal leather patterns on ordinary pigskin and cowhide.

These realistic images and super three-dimensional laser printing are enough to replace the cruelty of killing wild animals to make shoes.


The simulation laser printer has mature technology in animal pattern simulation and other aspects.

The high-precision laser process realizes the printing effect with natural transition and fine texture.

Create animal patterns by simulating a laser printing machine,

While indirectly protecting wild animals, it also meets the purchasing needs of special consumer groups.

Dont let more innocent lives bear the pain caused by this unique need,

At the same time, pollution-free laser processing also fulfills the mission of protecting the environment.


Recommended equipment

CO2 industrial laser marking machine MC-DH-D


1 Features

High quality original CO2 RF laser

Three-axis dynamic marking system

Fully enclosed double dustproof design

Industrial-grade precision temperature control laser chiller

Independent research and development of SmartScanner special software for marking

The optical bench can be adjusted by electric lifting


2 Applicable materials

The simulation laser printer is suitable for natural and artificial (chemical fiber) fabrics, real leather and artificial leather.

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