How to choose laser mask marking machine correctly, CO2, UV or fiber?

With the further development and maturity of laser marking technology, laser marking anti-counterfeiting is also more and more widely used in the market of medical instruments and medicine. Now more and more companies have had entered the ranks of mask machine production. However, at the same time, also appeared some counterfeit masks. In order to mark unique and anti-counterfeit marks on masks, many large manufacturers now use laser mask marking machines to mark masks. Then, how to choose correctly laser mask marking machine? Choose CO2, UV or fiber as the light source type?


The working principle of the laser mask marking machine is: A high-energy continuous laser beam is generated by the laser generator. The focused laser acts on the printing material, causing the surface material to melt or even vaporize instantly; then, by controlling the path of the laser on the surface of the material, the desired graphic mark is formed. The laser marking machine has a fine light spot and high beam quality. It can print various patterns and logos. The minimum marking character is 0.01mm, which is a true "high precision" processing. And different laser beams (CO2 / optical fiber / ultraviolet / green light, etc.) will have different effects on different materials. After repeated tests by Han's Yueming Laser Group engineers, it was found that the UV laser mask marking machine has the best coding and lettering effect for KN95 / N95 masks. Because the fiber laser only acts on materials such as metals, its wavelength cannot be absorbed by the meltblown cloth, and it has no effect. The carbon dioxide spot is relatively thick, which will burn through the meltblown cloth, and the effect is not good. The best marking is ultraviolet. When ultraviolet laser acts on high molecular polymers such as PI, it can directly break the chemical bond of the material, so that the material fragments are discharged in the form of small particles or gas, so as to achieve the purpose of stripping and removing the material. Since most of the energy is used to break chemical bonds, very little energy is converted into heat energy, thereby basically eliminating the changes in the heat affected zone and surrounding materials. For most white plastics (the pigment is TiO2), TiO2 will strongly absorb ultraviolet light and change the crystal structure. This change makes the material in the corresponding area appear dark, resulting in a smooth, legible mark inside the material.


Han’s Yueming Laser Group specializes in laser equipment manufacturing for 20 years. The products include mask marking machine, laser engraving machines, online laser printers, etc., and various light sources can be selected.

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