The FPC laser Cutting Machine processes soft boards, this experience is really awesome!

FPC soft boards need to be cut before being applied to various smart hardware devices. The whole piece of software can be cut quickly into several small pieces by using FPC laser cutting machine.

To mention about FPC cutting software, the experience of FPC laser cutting machine is really awesome.


In the structure of FPC flexible circuit board, it is made of flexible copper foil substrate and flexible insulating layer, then it is laminated with an adhesive. Also, it has many advantages that rigid circuit boards do not have. The volume of electronic products can be greatly reduced by using FPC flexible circuit boards. Also, it is suitable for the development of high-density, high-reliability, and miniaturization of electronic products. Especially under the current trend of 5G, that will promote the jump in FPC production capacity, and FPC soft board laser cutting machine will drive the rapid development of 5G terminal products.


The use of laser technology for FPC soft board cutting is not only the current mainstream method but also the future trend. The processing method of the FPC soft board laser cutting machine is flexible automatic. The high-precision processing effect, and the flexible and controllable processing process make it an irreplaceable position in the FPC soft board processing process. In addition, compared with mechanical stress processing, laser cutting has the advantage of lower loss during processing. Laser cutting is non-contact processing, no tool loss, short cycle time of automated production, fast cutting speed, which greatly reduce manufacturing costs in mass production.


As using machines to replace people and abandon the traditional hand-workshop-like cutting methods, FPC soft board laser cutting machines are fully upgraded in terms of cutting experience, cutting quality and cutting speed. Currently, the demand for FPC soft boards is blowing out, so it is undoubtedly the right choice to choose a FPC soft board laser machine with the higher degree of automation and the lower production cost.

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