Large-format Laser Cutter: Textile Industry’s Right-hand Man

Large-format laser cutter: textile industry’s right-hand man
With the improvement of living standard, we have higher requirement for textile products. When purchasing textile products, we not only take color, pattern, but also shape, style into consideration. Therefore, when the textile industry is booming, Large-format laser cutter is particularly important for this industry to further thrive.


Han’s Yueming laser focus on research, development, production and sales laser equipment, which has been at the forefront of laser machine industry. In the upsurge of acrylic cutter, leather cutter, light guide plate laser cutter, Large-format laser cutter catches textile industry’s attention.
Large-format laser cutter adopted stable solid work table to ensure the stability and accuracy that to meet the need of Large-format cutting. In order to improve processing accuracy, Han’s Yueming Large-format laser cutter used linear guide rail and precision gear, adopted gear transmission system to reducing operation error, reduce operating time and improve work efficiency greatly.
Large-format laser cutter adopted numerous control system in order to realize individual design and processing, which provides a convenient to curtains, sofa fabric, dresses and other home textile fabric production process. It can reduce producing cost but make out beautiful home textile products.

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