Romantic [email protected] model of the Eiffel Tower laser Cutting Machine

The Eiffel tower had been built in March 31, 1889. The magnificent Eiffel Tower attracts global attention and radiance. Han's yueming laser group fiber laser cutting machine, co2 laser cutting machine bring Eiffel Tower to our home, decorated our beautiful life. 

The Eiffel Tower (French:La Tour Eiffel;English:the Eiffel Tower)stands at the Left bank of the Seine river of France's Mars square, built in 1889, it is one of the world famous buildings French culture symbol of Paris city landmark of Paris's tallest building is referred to as the iron lady as the French love the world famous buildings, it gives the feeling of the world is simple, romantic.

Do you want to see the multi-faceted Eiffel Tower?

Laser lady had already prepared gorgeous pictures for you.

The Eiffel tower

How beautiful it is! Do you feel unfortunately that can’t see the beautiful Eiffel tower?

Let laser lady help you to realize your wishes!

Simple and beautiful

▼Laser Cutting Machine Cut Wooden Eifffel Tower

▲Simple and beautiful

Laser Cutting Machine Cut Stainless Steel Eifffel Tower model

High reality and accuracy

According to the Eiffel tower, a romantic Eiffel tower will appear in front of you by using laser cutting machine to cut and engrave plank and stainless steel. 

Han’s yueming laser group has a wide range of laser cutting machine could cut, engrave and hollow for different materials. These laser cutting machines are suitable for making models, crafts. And it could improve production efficiency for manufacturer. Laser cutting machine could ensure cutting precision of the products through adjusting equipment parameters in any case. It provides a great processing platform for advertising and craft industry. It shows charm of laser cutting model and crafts perfectly. 

GD HAN’S YUEMING LASER   Equipment recommendation

More professional, more advanced  

CMA1390-B-A laser cutting engraving machine

Plank cutting

▶The software supports the speckle path compensation. You can design path optimization program on the software.

▶Support dynamic display which will show process path and coordinate point, real-time work track display.

▶Support breakpoint carving, power failure recovery, processing time and other functions. and processing time could accurate millisecond precision.

CMA1530C-G-E fiber metal laser cutting machine

Stainless cutting

▶high performance German imports laser.

▶Double drive structure of gantry rack,enhanced welded machine tool bad.

▶Achieved high-accuracy, high-speed cutting for various kinds metal sheets.

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