Laser Cut-out notebook, a must-have stationery for the school start day

Notebooks are stationery with a higher usage rate besides pens.

Whether it’s writing homework, taking notes,

It is still necessary to use a notebook.

Generally, the notebooks we use are ordinary paper covers.

Today Mr. Yueming will take you to appreciate some different creative cover designs,

——Non-metal sheet laser Cutting Machine hollow wooden notebook cover.


From the wooden notebook cover produced by Jenni Bick,

It is produced by a laser cutting machine for non-metallic thin plates that integrates hollowing and engraving.

Hollow shapes such as flowers and trees, animal world, geometric figures, etc.,

Matched with colorful title pages, it is very full of design.

If you use such a personalized notebook in your studies,

It will also make the learning process more enjoyable.


Regardless of work and study,

When we use notebooks, it's to be specialized in different specialties.

There are so many subjects, if you use the same style of notebook, it is easy to confuse.

Also waste time searching when you need it urgently.

If you customize the cover of notebooks for different subjects or purposes,

Don't worry about this problem.

The flexible non-metallic sheet laser cutting machine is not limited by graphics,

Any pattern or text design can be easily realized without making a mold.


When operating the equipment, you only need to draw the graphics in the computer software,

The non-metal thin plate laser cutting machine can cut the corresponding pattern on the wooden board.

High precision and fast speed, and the cutting process is as smooth as flowing water.

The non-contact processing will not cause the extrusion deformation of the wooden sheet,

It has a good protective effect on the material,

Effectively reduce the defective rate of products.


Every creative design is a creation of value,

And under the creative design realized by the non-metallic sheet laser cutting machine,

It not only gives the notebook a beautiful appearance but also enhances the experience.

Laser hollow notebook with both practicality and beauty,

Do you want to have it too?


Recommended equipment


Universal laser cutting machine


1. Features


Integrate carving and cutting

High-speed smooth interpolation motion algorithm

Real-time dynamic display and tracking of processing track

Continuous carving after power failure, millisecond working hours preview

Spot size track compensation function


2. Process application


Non-metallic sheet laser cutting machine is suitable for wood products, bamboo products, acrylic, paper, leather, cloth, wool, plexiglass, epoxy resin, plastic, rubber, clothing fabrics, leather goods, mobile phone accessories, stickers, clothing hot drilling , Plastic nozzle, mobile phone protective film, jade and other non-metallic materials processing.

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