Laser engraved new ice tartar, creating the coolest summer beauty.

Recently it has ushered in the hottest days of the year

This hot summer is really too hot to bear

Air-conditioning and cold drinks have become a "life-saving responsibility" in summer

Especially in the air-conditioned room, a drink with ice

Its so cool


Adding ice cubes to beverages to cool down is the most common practice

But ice cubes will always melt faster than the one you drink

At this time, the original full taste of the cold drink is diluted

It's tasteless and becomes a drink that loses its soul


Of course, this small problem can't trouble the witty working people

Invented ice cubes that will not melt-ice tartar

Put the ice tartar in the refrigerator for a period of time before drinking

Put it in the cup to make the drink

On the basis of maintaining the original flavor

Decrease the temperature to increase the taste of ice alcohol

It is suitable for drinking carbonated drinks, fruit juice or wine, etc.

And when the magic ice tartar meet the universal ice tartar laser marking machine

What kind of sparks will it collide with?


Most ice tartars on the market are made of stainless steel

Comes with a visual coolness

The hot summer air seems to be able to disappear a bit

After any text and pattern are drawn on the computer software

Both can be engraved on the ice stone with a laser engraving machine

Renders the cold and simple texture of the metal itself

Make it more of a collection value


Ice wine stone laser engraving machine gives ice wine stone a rich expression

Not only taste, but also visual double sensory impact

Slowly pour colorful drinks into the cup

The ice tartar collides with the bottom of the glass crisply

Dense water vapor covers the outer wall of the cup

A touch of refreshing coolness in my heart

A happy mood flows in my heart


Advantages of laser engraving ice tartar


1 Unfettered

Computer software control, unlimited graphics, easy to complete patterns and text that cannot be completed by hand engraving.


2 Rigid and soft

The non-contact processing of ice tartar using a laser beam will not directly crush the material.


3 finely crafted

The processing accuracy of ice tartar laser engraving machine can reach within millimeters, and the products are more delicate and delicate.


4The Immortal Fang

Laser-engraved characters, patterns, etc. will not be affected by the environment and will be blurred and faded.


Recommended equipment

Fiber laser marking machine MF-E-A


1 Features

High-quality light source, good spot quality

Small size, fast speed, high performance stability

Support multi-language one-key switching

Built-in linear guide, stable structure


2 Process application

Ice tartar laser engraving machine is suitable for marking the surface of most plastics and various alloy materials such as stainless steel, aluminum oxide and copper.

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