Laser Cutting Machine for leather shoes increases fashion charm!


    Leather shoe has always been favored by men just like leather heel for women. No matter what shoe it is, as long as it is linked with leather, it becomes formal, stable and full of fashion. Now, let's know how Laser Cut leather and Laser cutting machine for lether shoes which helps shoes fashion develop.


    Leather is formed by long-lived animal fur after going through physical and chemical processing like hair removal and tanning. Woven by natural protein fiber, leather whose surface has a special grain layer has natural grain and luster, feeling comfortable. Skin will be divided into corium, regenerated bark, artificial leather, synthetic leather etc according to manufacturing methods. Therefore, different types and grades of leather need to use strong Laser cutting machine for lether shoes to process.


    In order not to waste this precious material, Laser cutting machine for lether shoescan prevent waste in beginning design. In addition, leather laser engraving equipment, leather laser marking machine in Han's Yueming laser can meet with demands of leather carving, hollowing and marking patterns which is suitable for leather surface of logo graphic, package surface tassel cutting etc. Therefore, leather laser cutting machine is also suitable for cutting, drilling, carving surface etc on shoes.


    As leather shoes are wore in the formal occasions and also highlight the taste and social status of men, there is high requirement of leather shoes making which must be accurate and smooth. Although artificial hand-made leather shoes are rare, advanced laser cutting machine can confirm to the development of times when high technical requirements is high.

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