You “Zhao”, Han’s Yueming Laser: Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Processing

Metal has been widely used in people’s daily life since ancient times. For example, Copper, iron and other metallic material had been used in weapon and agriculture during the warring states period in China. And to now, the appliance of metal is still wider, but how much do you know the laser cutting machine for metal processing introduced by Han’s Yueming Laser?


Our laser cutting machine for metal processing is through high power high density laser beam gasify metallic material in a very short time and blow away the smoke though high pressure gas. As the laser cutting head of laser equipment will not contact with material, it’s no need to worry about scratch of material surface, and the cutting precision is particularly high. It is because of this advance technology, fiber laser cutting machine is quickly occupied metal processing market.


Since the first industrial laser machine’s birth and apply in 1960s, it adds a lot of wonder thing in China processing market. With hard work and innovate, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine achieved essential development in China, especial our laser cutting machine for metal and stainless steel processing, tri-axial dynamic laser marking machine are promoting various sectors’ development.


“Zhao” means make a different and bright future in Chinese. Our laser cutting machines for metal processing have helped manufacturers make a bright and different future hand in hand.

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