Laser Cutting Machine for Making Seat Covers

People are always seeking ways to improve their lives. Cars become the most important transportation for city people. And car seat cover is an important index in measuring a car’s comfort level, so as a wise car seat cover manufacturer should choose the right laser cutting machine to produce right seat covers.

Car seat cover is one of a number of automotive supplies, which can enhance the appearance of car seat and protect car seat from dirty and slow the aging rate of car seat. General car seat is used high elastic fabric as production material, which have good shrinkage, like cotton, sardine nets, PU and etc. Production material and car seat cover laser cutting machine determines the quality and appearance of products. So how to choose laser cutting machine is become a hot issue for car seat cover manufacturers.
First, select appropriate processing format. As the area of car seat cloth is large, so small laser cutting machine is basic inappropriate, so we have to choose large format laser cutting machine, laser cutting bed is better.
Second, select laser cutting machine with automatic feeding function. Mentioned above, the area of car seat cover is large, if use manpower feeding, the processing efficiency is low, so it will require automatic feeding laser cutting machine for car seat cover cutting. It’s with movement rack drive system which is very suitable for high-strength, high-quantity, multi-batch producing demands.
Third, choose reputable laser cutting machine manufacturers. Qualified manufacturers provide qualified pre-sales and after-sales service. Han’s Yueming car seat cover laser cutting machine is with a good brand reputation and high quality that has been in a leading position in the industry, which is absolutely the best choice for users.


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