Laser equipment can process children’s room decorations that most children like

Thanksgiving Mothers Day has just passed, and sweet 520 is over,

In the wind in June we ushered in the children's festival.

Every year in June, parents are racking their brains to prepare gifts,

It is better to create a childlike "decoration" world for children at home,

Accompany the children to start the happy journey in June.

Mr Yueming will recommend three laser players to help you,

Build a happy world for children!


No.1 player automatic feeding cloth laser Cutting Machine:


It is suitable for laser cutting of cotton, linen, leather, paper, chemical fiber and other textile and apparel fabrics.


When the simple solid color felt meets the extraordinary laser cutting machine,

Create a colorful felt ornament,

Can quickly attract children's attention.

Linking the good times of childhood,

Construct a diverse space display in a unique way,

Make every moment of the child's gaze more brilliant.


No.2 player full protection three-axis dynamic CO2 industrial laser marking machine:


It is suitable for marking natural and artificial (chemical fiber) fabrics, leather and artificial leather.


With a fully protected three-axis dynamic laser marking machine on the fabric,

Complete creative and changeable hollow graphic design.

Curtains and lighting can also become childlike,

At the same time provide unlimited creative space for the performance of light,

Let the light in the children's room become interesting,

Yu inadvertently enriched the space expression.


No.3 player laser cutting machine for non-metallic plates:


It is suitable for the cutting and cutting of large-format non-metallic plates such as wood plates, wood plywood, medium-density boards and acrylic boards.


The non-metallic plate laser cutting machine cooperates with acrylic and wooden boards,

Demonstrate the wonderful wall decorations one by one.

Shape patterns can be customized according to the personality and preferences of children,

Colorful rainbows, colorful flowers,

Warm words, cute and cute pictures,

Appears little by little under the laser beam,

Bring commemorative significance to the growth of children.


Above the blue sky and white clouds, there is the fantasy drifting of the teenagers,

Under the bright stars, it is the children's innocent dreams.

Every detail created by laser technology,

All show their parents' deep love.

Lasers help children's dreams, creativity drives the future!

May every child's childhood be full of laughter and color!

I also wish all big friends and children a happy June!

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