Laser cutting of flexible OLED screens opens the era of smart phone “folding”

In recent years, one of the hottest topics in the mobile phone industry is the foldable phone. The foldable mobile phone, which integrates tablet computers and mobile phones, sounded the horn of new technology. Originally envisioned as a smart device that opened as a tablet and folded as a mobile phone, it is now no longer a fantasy, but a real product. Rouyu Technology, Samsung, and Huawei have launched their own foldable phones. Mobile phone companies such as Apple and Xiaomi followed closely and carried out strategic layout to actively promote the landing of their own flexible screen phones.


( GALAXY FOLD Samsung folding screen mobile phone)


( MATE X Huawei folding screen phone)


The screen of a foldable mobile phone uses a flexible OLED screen. The so-called flexible screen refers to a screen that can be bent and folded freely. As a brand-new field, flexible screen faces many problems in the processing process, and puts forward higher requirements on the processing technology. Compared with the traditional processing of brittle materials, OLED display screens must be processed with the highest precision in the manufacturing process due to its complex layering mechanism to ensure quality and yield.


The laser is the absolute king of high-precision processing. The processing of flexible screens is inseparable from the laser cutting process. The traditional mechanical processing method is used to cut the flexible screen, which is prone to problems such as edge collapse and cracks. In contrast, the laser cutting process uses a non-contact processing method that does not generate any mechanical stress and has no effect on the mechanical characteristics of the material itself. After drawing on the computer, the laser Cutting Machine can realize the special-shaped cutting of the flexible OLED panel according to the design drawings, which has the advantages of automatic cutting, small cutting edge collapse, high precision, diversified cutting, non-deformation of cutting, fine processing, high processing efficiency, etc. Etc.


( Application of laser technology in OLED screen)


Han's Yueming Laser Group launched a high-precision laser cutting machine for cutting flexible OLED screen panels. It uses imported lasers and optical devices, and the spot quality is good; high-precision CCD realizes automatic positioning and cutting processing; enhanced welding bed, high rigidity beam  Cooperate with high-precision marble platform to ensure the stability of the machine tool during processing; the self-developed laser cutting software integrates excellent motion control performance and powerful graphics processing functions. It is suitable for the demand of small batch flexible OLED screen production in the development stage of folding mobile phones.


( High precision laser cutting machinePC0506-A)


In addition to being suitable for flexible OLED screen processing, high-precision CO2 laser cutting machines are also widely used in high-precision cutting of non-metallic thin film materials for various electronic products, such as GDF films, polarizers, touch screen PET, OCA, electronic paper, PC, foam double-sided adhesive, etc.

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