Fabric laser Cutting Machine cuts seamless underwear to avoid embarrassment of dressing in summer

One of the most embarrassing scenes in summer

Is that the shape of panties can be seen through pants or skirts   

While people wear sexy tight skirts

Or light-colored pants

If people want to avoid this embarrassing scene

People need a seamless underwear which cut by a fabric laser cutting machine


Seamless underwear is cut by the fabric laser cutting machine

Which is no scars, no deformation and smooth and beautiful

The seamless panties are thin as cicada wings

Which just like the second skin

So they can closely fit your body curve

And you won’t feel the bulge and stitching of the underwear at all

Which would avoid the embarrassment of dressing in summer


Not only girls like wearing seamless underwear, but also boys like it

So that is indispensable in boys' wardrobe

For example, while wearing slim suit pants in summer

The edges of ordinary underwear is easily to be seen

But it is extreme inappropriate in some formal business occasions

Also, it may happen when men wear thin sports shorts


The invisible effect of seamless underwear can be achieved by the advanced laser technology

The underwear is easy to silk off by cutting with traditional knives

However, the edge banding can be directly completed by laser technology

Which is no edges roughness and burrs

It is the best choice for seamless underwear

As the seamless underwear cut by fabric laser cutting machines is easy to match different trousers and is suitable for various occasions


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Auto feeding laser cutting machine’s features:

Double crossbeams asynchronous laser cutting;

Large format vision positioning cutting system;

Auto-feeding system;

Double-head electric mutual movement realizes automatic separation processing;

Large vision positioning cutting system;

Projection positioning laser cutting system (optional)



The fabric laser cutting machine is suitable for fabric, wool, leather, flexible materials

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