Laser hollow backpack: fashion travel, exquisite life.

It is said that "bao" can cure all diseases.


Dont look at some people who are disgust on the surface,


But secretly bought several bags.


Shoulder bags, backpacks, diagonal bags, handbags…


There is no shortage of packages.


But if you can only choose one among the many packages,


Which would you choose? Most people will definitely choose a backpack.


Because it is practical enough!


Mobile phones, wallets, keys, tissues…


The trouser pocket is not enough, the backpack comes to collect it.


The capacity is big enough, you don't have to worry about stuffing it.


The backpack is the angel who saves us,


Free your hands easily.


Going out without effort,


Become our travel must.


Laser hollow backpack,


Fashion travel, exquisite life.


As a new direction of visual design,


Laser hollowing is being accepted in more and more fields.


Its core feature is simplicity and meaning.


Break the closed design of the backpack,


Incorporate various elements into the change of light and shadow.


Reflect the sense of fashion, beauty, romance, and retro art,


Deduct the colorful world of backpacks.


For people who frequently travel or travel,


A backpack like a treasure bag is essential.


In addition to being durable, the backpack must also be online.


Its said that the simpler the design, the more fashionable and attractive.


When the clean lines of laser cutouts meet the backpack,


Collide with minimalist design aesthetics.


Unique laser hollowing process,


Attach the delicate hollow pattern to the surface of the backpack,


Invisibly adds a bit of agility to the backpack.


The hollow embellishment shows the intention,


The ingenious use of laser shows ingenuity.


Such a personalized hollow backpack,


It can only be described by the word "stunning".


Recommended equipment: three-axis dynamic CO2 laser marking machine MC-D-C


Three-axis dynamic CO2 laser marking machine




High-quality original CO2 RF laser;


Three-axis dynamic scanning system;


Industrial-grade precision temperature control laser chiller;


Compact body structure design;


Upper and lower double ventilation structure;


Independently research and develop SmartScanner special software for marking.


Applicable materials


Non-metallic materials such as cloth, leather, wood materials, greeting cards, rubber, bamboo products, plexiglass, ceramic tiles, plastics, marble, jade, crystals, etc.

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