What are the applications of laser marking machine in mobile phone marking?

Laser marking machine is widely used because of its beautiful, fine and permanent marking characteristics, especially in products such as mobile phones. So in mobile phone marking, which aspects of laser marking machine are used?


Mobile phone shell laser marking


Nowadays, laser marking machine marks can be seen everywhere on mobile phones, such as trademarks, mobile phone casings, mobile phone batteries, mobile phone accessories, etc. Even if you can't see the inside of the phone, there will be laser markings on it, such as pcb boards, electronic chip marking machines, etc., all of which are laser marking machines.


Laser marking inside mobile phone


The laser marking machine plays an anti-counterfeiting role in these mobile phone marking applications. Secondly, the laser marking is more environmentally friendly and beautiful, and the batch marking cost is low and effective, so it replaces the traditional screen printing method.


FPC soft board laser marking


The traditional method is to use screen printing on the appearance. The taste of screen printing ink is heavy, not fine enough, not easy to color, and the printing effect is not ideal. The composition of silk ink is heavy metal elements. Now, all companies stipulate the use of low-carbon environmental protection.


Information marking is an important attribute of the product. Laser marking machines are used in all kinds of mobile phone information markings, such as the internal chips and other parts of the mobile phone listed above, and the external mobile phone accessories of the mobile phone. The super high applicability makes it a mobile phone the first choice for marking.

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