Laser marking machine create fashion dress in summer

In summer girls like cloths cut with special style like strapless, sleeveless jacket, side hollow, carved back, deep V etc. Do you also love cloth design of various tailors? Now, let’s see how to make various clothes this summer.

▇ Unrestrained enthusiasm of short jeans
Jeans is permanent representative of fashion. Girls like wearing white shirt and short denim or skirt in summer, showing youth and beauty. Various designs like cat whisker, burning flowers demonstrate youth, hot and leisure. Fashionable jeans show unrestrained enthusiasm of summer.
Recommended Laser Equipment:
Han’s Yueming MC250-DJ-A denim laser marking machine

MC250-DJ-A laser marking machine is a machine designed for garments and shoes like denim, leather and shoes. The whole machine adopts modular design showing strong compatibility among laser generators with different watts, and automatic exchange desk and high projector positioning can improve the feeding speed and convenience of operator.

▇ Flexible, stylish and comfortable fabric bra
Bra has been a very important aspect. Girls who want graceful figure need fashionable cloth and bra is an extremely important part. And as the most secretive fashion item, bra never falls behind. Various tailors and carve give women confidence and comfort.
Recommended Laser Equipment:
CMA1610-FV-B automatic feeding positioning laser Cutting Machine

It equips with lathed honeycomb crawler feeding system whose friction factor is large and easy to feed, which greatly improves the feeding accuracy. And motion system uses automatic camera positioning system, which can automatically search material positioning point and cut accurately.

▇ Beauty of hollow chiffon skirts
For many years, chiffon is always favorite garment material in summer like Lady-style chiffon shirt, elegant chiffon dress, as well as the charming chiffon dress etc. Girls who want to become beautiful fairies would choose chiffon dress. Unique lace trim and backless design have been favored by women.
Recommended Laser Equipment:
CMA1810-F automatic feeding laser cutting machine

Mechanical components equipped with imported gear and rack movement transmission system ensure high accuracy. Machine-level rolling processing platform is stable and reliable with automatic loading and unloading system which is suitable for high-strength, high-accuracy large-quantity processing requirements, widely used in automatic feeding cloth cutting.

▇ Perfect collocation of leather shoes and bags
In addition to the glamorous costumes, beautiful shoes and bags is also major attraction. In summer, women's favorite high-heel shoes, handbags, backpacks etc are likely to attract attention, particularly noble glamorous leather. Carved flat shoes, hollow heels, lace handbag etc may win your favor. Beautiful girls also need leather shoes and bags.
Recommended Laser Equipment:
MC275-D-A Triaxial dynamic laser marking machine

Leading triaxial marking system ensures high-speed operation for a long time and enclosed design and hydrodynamic design also protects body from laser radiation. It is widely used in denim laser burning flowers, leather hollow etc.

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