Laser marking machine give students a surprise in new term: Stationery marking

    On the road of promoting the philanthropy of healthy and orderly development, Han’s Yueming laser is its firm practitioner and full of sunshine corporate social responsibility. As Yueming’s corporate culture of "cooperation, win-win, gratitude, sharing", to express gratitude to society, the corporate prepares a special gift with a laser marking machine for pupils for coming new term in September.

    Colorful stationery, engraved with the exclusive name
    Stationery, for students, it is a magic treasure chest. Wearing the cloak of various cartoon images, hidden inside a variety of pencil, ruler, rubber cement …… It’s believed that everyone has their own proprietary names. Today, Han’s Yueming UV laser marking machine engraves names on colorful stationery, since then stationery has the unique "identity."

    Magic pencil, branded with your name
    Pencil, always be the favorite for pencil holder. There is aroma of book and feelings expressed by pencil. In pupils’ dreaming world, they can draw their own fantasy world with pencil, recording their healthy growth. On a wooden pencil, you can brand their own names with laser marking machines, made every student full of vitality.

    Han's Yueming advocates that every employee should have a caring heart, a behavior helping people in needed. Few days ago, "In beautiful autumn, environmental activities with Me," the news was expressing that. Han's Yueming is about to organize a group of employees, volunteering to protect the environment in the beautiful Songshan Lake. At this time, on the starting of school season in September, we choose to send to special gifts to students. Han’s Yueming laser produces a wide range of laser equipment, such as: PCB circuit board laser marking machine, compact volume laser Cutting Machine etc.

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