Laser welding machine manufacturer

Laser welding machine is the new favorite in the field of metal welding. Generally, it can be divided into handheld laser welding machine, automatic laser welding machine and three-dimensional robot laser welding machine. It has high production efficiency, low production cost, more beautiful welding, safer and environmentally friendly, then Which laser welding machine manufacturer is better?


Handheld laser welding machine


Laser welding machines are widely used in aerospace ships, sheet metal industry, automobile industry, electronics industry, advertising industry and other fields. Different industries need to use different laser welding machines. For example, there are more hand-held laser welding machines used in sheet metal and advertising industries.

Desktop laser welding machine


There are laser welding machine manufacturers everywhere, some only produce handheld laser welding machines, some only produce three-dimensional robot laser welding machines, and some produce both types of machines, facing dozens of manufacturers, issuing laser welding machines The question of which manufacturer is better is reasonable. I'm not sure about which one. I suggest you follow the lead of large metal processing companies. You can choose whatever they choose, which saves trouble and is not afraid of making mistakes.


3D robotic laser welding


For large metal processing companies, they generally choose to purchase equipment from listed companies in laser welding machine manufacturers. Listed companies generally have passed the baptism of time in quality assurance, after-sales service, and brand reputation, and have been widely recognized by the society . Moreover, the laser welding machines of listed companies are relatively complete. You can buy handheld laser welding machines, desktop laser welding machines and 3D robot laser welding machines in one company at one time, which is also convenient for bargaining.


Whether you buy a handheld laser welding machine, a desktop laser welding machine, or a three-dimensional robot laser welding machine, it is recommended to go to the laser welding machine manufacturer for field inspections, take your own samples, spend a few days, fully understand and consider, After analyzing the cost and pros and cons, we finally decide which laser welding machine manufacturer to buy.

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