[Laser engraving]

Because of an epidemic,

The exception of the college entrance examination was delayed by a month,

It is a test, but it is also a challenge.

10 years of long-distance running,

The moment of inspection is about to usher.

Today is the first day of the college entrance examination,

Yue Mingjun sent Send blessings

Laser engraving "will pass every exam" bracelet.

I wish you all examinee:

Examination Plenary Session, Mongolian All Pairs;

High scores are not tiring, they are superb.


The Hand Strap "Finance exam must pass",

Carved by laser.

Carved into the log material,

Complement each other with Red rope for prayer.

Engraving accuracy of millimeter level,

Writing ink fragrance between square inches,

Tell the most sincere wishes.


Pass every test, be the top of the gold list, “best of the best”…

The laser engraving is a good luck for the hand rope that "will pass every exam".

Help candidates to let go of their tension and fear,

Bring full confidence and meticulous,

no ambitions, fresh in my writing, and take the exam calmly.

Satisfactory answer sheets are handed out in all exams.


Starlight does not ask the passers-by,

Time lives up to the dream catcher.

I believe the admission letter in midsummer,

Will surely blow away all the haze.

Your efforts are worthy of recognition,

Your future is worth looking forward to.

@2020 session of college entrance examination candidates,

The dream is here,

May you ride the wind and waves, and make the gold list title.

Come on ! ! !


Recommended equipment

CO2 Laser Wizard Series DMC-B-A


Features of laser engraving machine:

Visual copy board technology

Two-dimensional code cloud data processing technology

Highly integrated, fool-like operation

Fully enclosed safety protection design

Built-in soot purifier


Applicable materials:

It is mainly used for DIY pattern marking of commercial products such as wood products, bamboo products, greeting cards, leather, rubber, cloth and so on.

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