Mask marking is more environmentally friendly and the pattern is clearer-UV mask laser engraving machine

As of Thursday, June 11, 2020, nearly 7.44 million people worldwide have been infected with the COVID-19 virus, and the number of infected people in the United States is nearly 2 million. No one can stay out of the situation or shirk responsibility under the epidemic situation. What is needed is the belief in fighting the epidemic together to overcome the difficulties at an early date. Now the global epidemic prevention material gap is further widening, and more and more companies are entering the ranks of mask production. Han’s Yueming Laser Group also wants to contribute its own force to the production of global epidemic prevention materials. , Now a new generation of automatic mask laser engraving machine MUV-AA is launched.


Environmental protection and efficiency are the two major requirements for the production of masks. The automatic mask laser engraving machine MUV-A-A can help the production line to produce and process faster and more environmentally friendly. As we all know, laser engraving machine has been widely used in recent years. Its obvious advantages are environmental protection, energy saving, high automation, and strong anti-counterfeiting ability. The automatic mask laser engraving and coding machine MUV-A-A can be operated continuously for 24 hours, combined with assembly line production, and automatic marking. Using automatic mask laser engraving machine instead of ink jet coding to mark logos and parameters on the mask can speed up the production process, complete marking in a few seconds, complete a high degree of automation, and increase sales. Automatic mask laser engraving machine MUV-A-A, the controller uses the core professional flight controller, professionally applied to product flight marking, stable performance, suitable for assembly line, split design can be installed on the customer's production line site, can be processed on one side Marking on one side and finally shipping the finished product directly greatly improves production efficiency.


Han’s Yueming Group is an excellent domestic fully automatic equipment manufacturer. The products are: semi-automatic mask ear strap welding machine, automatic mask machine, semi-automatic mask machine, one-to-one plane mask machine and other mask production related equipment. Welcome to consult.

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