Laser coding empowers the identification of medical devices and helps the high-quality development of the medical industry.

Medical products such as medical devices are related to people's lives, health and safety, and have always been highly valued by government departments and consumers. The promotion of medical device labeling has also been included in the key tasks of the State Food and Drug Administration in 2020. Previously, it was common for medical devices to have no codes or one item with multiple codes in the circulation and use links, which seriously affected the precise identification of medical devices in various links such as the production, circulation, and use of medical devices. It is difficult to achieve effective supervision and management.


In order to eliminate hidden dangers, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the "Medical Device Unique Identification System Rules" and established a medical device unique identification system to achieve transparency and visualization of production, operation, and use links, improve product traceability, and standardize medical devices management.


Unique Device Indentification is the unique identification of medical devices, or UDI for short. It is the identity card of medical device products. It is printed on medical products in the form of one-dimensional codes and two-dimensional codes. Link "One Code Unicom".


The traditional spraying marking method is easy to fall off and be tampered with, and often because the paint contains harmful substances and environmental pollution, it does not meet the safety standards of the medical industry. In this environment, the medical industry urgently needs a printer that is not only conducive to product control but also safe and environmentally friendly, to prevent bad businesses from mixing bad medical products into hospitals and endangering human health. The safe and environmentally friendly laser printer for medical machinery cannot be more suitable.


Using medical machinery laser printer on medical equipment such as stethoscope,

Leave a permanent mark.

Will not fade away due to multiple disinfection and cleaning,

It has strong anti-counterfeiting and uniqueness.

It perfectly matches with the medical device product traceability system,

Can achieve the greatest degree of product safety and control,

Avoid product tampering.


The marking accuracy of the medical machinery laser printer can reach millimeters, and the marking is clear and easy to identify.

And can be applied to plane and surface marking.

High energy density laser beam irradiates the equipment,

Will not produce any mechanical stress to cause damage.

No harmful gas is produced,

Meet the marking requirements of medical products.


Use medical machinery laser printer to mark medical devices,

It is a good measure for regulators, medical institutions, patients, etc.

Medical institutions can avoid errors in the use of equipment,

Ensure the safety of patients in clinical treatment.

Government management departments can achieve transparent traceability and process supervision,

Promote the high-quality development of the entire medical device industry.


Recommended equipment

Fiber laser printer MF-B-A


1 Features


Stable performance: industrial-grade high-performance lasers, high-speed digital galvanometers, embedded flying marking controllers, high system integration, low power consumption, compact structure and stable performance;


Easy operation: The system adopts touch screen, friendly man-machine interface, simple and fast operation, easy to use;


Small space occupation: The optical cavity is integrated with the control box, and the lifting frame can be adjusted up and down, front and rear, and pitch angles, which can easily adapt to different production lines;


Support DXF, PLT vector and picture format import; support bitmap fonts, TTF fonts and self-developed fonts; support ultra-long marking, pipe segment triggering and various formats of barcode and QR code flying marking; support multiple corrections Mode; supports a variety of I/O auxiliary functions such as missed typing and alarms; supports automatic generation of date code, time code, serial number, and automatic number skipping. Meet the needs of customers in different industries.


2 Applicable materials


Medical machinery laser printers are suitable for surface marking on most plastic, paper materials, and various metal materials.


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