Meet New High level Fiber Cutting Machine

High level fiber cutting machine is the same as other laser equipment which has already recognized and used by various industries, especially in metal processing industry. Fiber laser cutting machine is hoard as a rare commodity and indispensable. So let’s meet new high-level of laser equipmentbelow.

Wider application range

As we all known, metal material’s application range is wider and wider, so high level fiber cutting machine loved by metal processers. In sheet metal, aviation, electronic, electric appliance, auto, high precision part, kitchen ware and other industry are all need metal cutting machine. It is not difficult to find that in fast development time, steel stainless, carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized sheet, iron and other metallic material can be cut and engrave fast, accuracy and high precision. 


Obvious processing advantages

Why so many people would like to choose high level fiber cutting machine instead of traditional metal cutting tool? Only continue to progress with the time, it is able to dominate the market. First, as we know, fiber laser cutting machine’s high cutting precision, high speed, and small kerf. Next, it is because of its small area heat effect, no contact with cutting material, so the cutting objects will not appear mechanical deformation. 

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