Facebook age, the “face seal” magic & laser engraving machine

You must know the face book, but do you know the "face seal"?

Let the laser girl introduces you the wonderful place of "face seal"!

The "face seal" refers to the seal of the face, which is engraved on the block by laser engraving machine. At the same time, the laser engraving machine can be used to carve figures on soft materials and cut out its outline, and then paste them together to form a seal.

Feel it with your laser sister!

Not only the portrait pattern, but also other patterns . It can be your pet logo or cartoon character, flower pattern and so on.

And laser engraving seal has its own unique advantages, such as it can not stick to a color, can be used in the printing pad, change color at any time, touch once; And the design is not restricted, directly through computer operation, any complex pattern can be easily carved to complete.

Seal engraving

The laser engraving machine developed by the Han's Yueming laser group not only has fast processing speed, stable operation and extremely low noise, it can greatly improve work efficiency. Moreover, it is equipped with the smart software of independent research and development, with powerful functions and user-friendly operation, which can make the engraving seal process more smooth.

At the same time, the laser engraving machine is not limited to a kind of material processing, it's satisfy various personalized handicraft carving or non-metallic material sculpture, for example leather, card paper, double color board etc.

The laser engraving machine is recommended by Han's Yueming laser group

CMA0604-B-A laser engraving machine

Equipment advantages:

◆ Equipped with YM Laser self-developed Smart Carve software and controller, adopts high-speed Interpolation movement algorithm to achieve high-speed and stable performance.

◆ Support Ethernet(10/100M) and USB2.0 transmission;

◆ Support work time preview and interruptible engraving recovery after power-off.

◆Support dynamic display which will show process path and coordinate point, real-time work track display.

◆Support on the control panel directly modify the processing parameters of each layer (such as speed, power, etc.), at the same time can get the modified layer parameters automatically save for later use to be obtained.

◆ Applicable materials: wood,paper,leather,cloth,organic glass,epoxy resin,acrylic,wool,plastic,rubber,bamboo products, mobile phone accessories, stickers, plastic nozzle, mobile phone protection film and other non-metallic materials.

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