PCB circuit board laser marking machine brings accurate information to electronic products

Information, science and technology, digitization…where there is a will there is way. Nowadays, people use more and more consumer electronics products; it has become our indispensable part of daily life. Electronic products not only bring our daily lives convenience, but also broaden the horizons of our understanding to the world. At this point, we should be grateful to the PCB laser marking machine.
We demand more and higher, resulting in the fact that the processing industry designs more precision internal components of electronic products. Therefore the electronic products processing is more complex and requires clearer information onto the spare parts. The PCB circuit board laser marking machine, it is mainly used in such requirements for more sophisticated, higher accuracy of machining applications.
PCB circuit board laser marking
In recent years, with the rapid development of laser technology, its application level gradually increases, and laser marking machine has become an irreplaceable part in industrial production process. Control and transmission technology of the laser beam is in progress, which can be mark the text, symbols and patterns on electronics surface.
Currently, Han’s Yueming UV laser marking machine is mainly used in electronic components, integrated circuits, mobile communications, hardware, glasses, clocks, jewelry, auto parts, packaging materials, lighting etc.
For multipurpose processing effectiveness and efficiency, PCB circuit board laser marking machine plays an important role in electronics industry in the direction of laser important application. It changes form of the traditional process fundamentally. In particular, the laser application matures gradually, laser marking machine promote the development of electronic products marking.

Recommended Model: MUV5-B-A UV laser marker
1, PCB circuit board laser marking machine adopts core components, such as import violet laser source of superior performance; digital high-speed scanning galvanometer of reliable quality. It has good beam quality, which beam spot is extremely small and realizes ultra-fine laser marking; minimal heat affected zone can effectively avoid material damage; applied in marking advertising materials, special materials.
2, Modular design, flexible application
UV laser marking machine is with confidential interactive workbench, and equips with an automatic / manual mode system, meeting customer’s demand of multi-station automatic production and improvement of equipment productivity.
3, Good beam quality and small beam spot can achieve ultra-fine laser marking.
The PCB circuit board laser marking machine can be widely used in marking products and packaging food and beverage of industries, such as pharmaceutical, tobacco, leather, packaging, building materials, lighting, small jewelry, cosmetics, bearing markers, electronic components etc.  It has superior advantages: high efficiency, high quality, low supplies, free of pollution, cost-effective.
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