Plywood laser Cutting Machine opens a different wood carving tour for you

Today, the laser sister has prepared three tours for you. Are you ready? Then go to the first stop with me!

1 Martin Tomsky, a London artist, used his own illustrations as the parent, cutting each plywood into a variety of brown materials and textures by plywood laser cutting machine, then stacked and glued together , and made lots of amazing woodcarving.

The thick wood carving shows the artist's unique artistic level. Complex twisted curves and vortex lines depict fighting animals in the forest, complex sea snakes, and skeletons hidden in the closet, as if they were a small theater, a three-dimensional image that is alive and well.

2 Oakland artist Gabriel Schama uses plywood laser cutting machine to design layered wood carving works. These wonderful wood carvings are cut from various plywood. Each independent plywood is cut into different patterns and then glued together to create different images of human shape, architectural research and mandala like patterns.

He mixes different coloured layers of wood to create psychedelic patterns, and the intricate and intricate patterns of the hollow structure delineate an unintelligible picture.

3. Using laser cutting machine technology to cut and restack each plywood, it can be made into a wooden navigation map, and the laminated plywood can clearly present three dimensional contour topography.

Three-dimensional nautical map

This is the end of the trip. Do you have a new understanding of wood carving? Let me give you a detailed description of plywood laser cutting machine.

The plywood laser cutting machine developed by Han's Yueming laser group has the incomparable flexibility and machining precision which is incomparable with the traditional processing method. It uses non contact machining, which can ensure that the cutting is not rough, and the cutting effect is accurate and delicate. The processing graphics are directly produced by software. As a result, computer-controlled cutting can be easily cut out with complex patterns.

The plywood laser cutting machine is recommended by Han's Yueming laser group

CMA1008-B-A  plywood laser cutting machine

Applicable materials: wood, bamboo ,paper,leather,cloth,organic glass,epoxy resin,acrylic,wool,plastic,rubber, , mobile phone accessories, stickers, plastic nozzle, mobile phone protection film ,jade and other non-metallic materials.

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