TsingHua University and Laser Engraving machine for Gift

Built in April 26th,1911, Tsinghua University with more than 100 years history .It not only is the holy land for its student , but also is the goal most of chinese teenagers has been working so hard .A lot of parents visit the Tsinghua together with their children during the holiday  , hoping that their children would study hard.

With the anniversary of Tsinghua coming , maybe you are eager to get a souvenir on Tsinghua. Now we would like to show some of its souvenir for you as below:

Delicate 3D card are made by laser engraving on simple card.

Solid wood rotary pen holder

To make a ideal souvenir for you ,logos of every college of Tsinghua university can be customized on the souvenir. And wisdom words also can be engraved on the pen holder .

Gifts engraving

Except for card and wood material , other materials such as double color plate, acrylic and metal can also be engraved by laser engraving machine . It’s very practical if you use it as bookmark and key ring.   

Is it amazing that the logo of Tsinghua be engraved smoothly .That’s the laser engraving machine !

Nowadays , it become more and more important for laser engraving machine to process gifts. The principle for engraving by laser is very simple ,just focusing high energy-density laser beam on the surface of the material that need to be processed and melt or gasify it .And a variety of material can be processed efficiently and precisely .

Laser engraving is one of the processing technology that we pay a lot attention to researching and developing .A series of laser engraving machine have been developed to fit for engraving metal and nonmetal material .Delicate gifts need a perfect laser machine , that’s why our laser Cutting Machine are so popular.

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