Sheet Metal Laser Cutting of arbitrary

The development of laser technology is rapidly and its application range is wide. Many material processing will use advanced laser equipment, and Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine let laser metal composite board process of arbitrary. 


We can generally divide composite panels into metal, wood, color steel, rock wool composite board. The former two are more likely to appear in people’s lives, especially metal composite board. So what is metal composite board? It refers to a layer of another metal plate to cover the original metal plate, which is not only to achieve original metal corrosion resistance, mechanical strength but it can also to meet the requirements of conserve resources and reduce the cost. Therefore, it is mainly used in electric power construction, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, automobile and other industries. 


According to the above description, we can know that  Sheet Metal Laser Cutting machine plays an important position in laser processing industry. In nowadays developed technology, a variety of laser engraving machine, automatic coding machine, aluminum cutting machine become the major choice of processing industry. Han’s Yueming fiber laser cutting machine is with it high cutting speed, high cutting precision and overall efficiency and other advantages, which has become the mainstay of metal composite board processing industry. 


With the strengthening of the national environmental protection policy, metal composite material’s application is widely used in various industries. Due to the strong support of national policy, it provides a good opportunity for metal composite material development. In this time, the emergence and development of Han’s Yueming  Sheet Metal Laser Cutting machine bring surprise to composite board industry. 

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