Stainless steel laser coloring: a new era of laser marking

Domestic laser marking technology has grown steadily gradually and is widely applied in many industries. At this time, in order to meet various needs of market, companies begin to seek more advanced marking technology. Thus, stainless steel laser coloring appears and creates another era of laser marking.
Due to advance of laser, it is believed that stainless steel laser coloring will soon replace traditional technology like color ink and film printing. Different from ink deposition techniques and other technology which uses color powder or pellicle, the laser generator of color laser marking machine can change the color through changing its physical effect, then pyrogenic decomposition will occur among polymer in an oxygen environment; therefore, a variety of color marking can be realized on the metal surface.  

Tools / materials
Stainless steel , laser equipment, tabs, ruler, adjustable table, etc.
Method of laser color marking stainless steel
Firstly, the material should not be too thin because too thin stainless steel would be deformed due to heat. Next, after adjusting the focus, mark with deviated focus and then it will destroy the first layer surface of stainless steel.
Again, mark repeatedly at lower side or higher side. Adjust height according to color change. (Dark red, green, etc.)
Finally, after the color that you want occur, reset the focus.
Precautions when stainless steel laser coloring
1, Adjust the height and pay attention to progressive color change while marking.
2, Parameters should be adjusted moderately.

It can edit any graphics and text freely and is very convenient and easy to operate, less environmental pollution, high marking speed etc. For stainless steel products industry, laser color marking stainless steel can add colorful graphics and greatly enhance added value of stainless steel products, then strengthen market competitiveness of laser companies in stainless steel products. With beautiful photos marked on metal, Han’s Yueming helps you leave most valuable memory.

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