How much is a laser cleaning machine and what is the wholesale price of a laser cleaning machine?

The laser cleaning machine (or laser derusting machine) is an industrial-grade cleaning equipment that is so popular in recent years. This new type of cleaning equipment has gradually replaced the traditional cleaning process in many fields with its own advantages and irreplaceability. So how much is a laser cleaner and what is the wholesale price of a laser cleaner?


High-energy laser beams of laser cleaners are applied to irradiate the surface of the workpiece for cleaning. In the fields of high-end manufacturing, while industrial products are electroplated, phosphated, sprayed, welded and assembled, the dirt, grease and dust on the surface of the product must be removed in order to ensure the quality of the workpiece and to meet the increasingly high surface cleaning needs of high-end manufacturing. Therefore, laser cleaning technology came into being. Because it is mostly used to remove rust, it is also called laser rust remover. Laser cleaning technology has no effect, chemical reaction and heat effect. Also, it is suitable for various materials and other cleaning characteristics, so it is considered to be the most reliable and effective surface treatment technology.

The price of a laser cleaning machine is definitely different from traditional cleaning methods such as cleaning agents. Compared with the attributes of cleaning agents as consumables, the laser cleaning machine can be used repeatedly. As a laser device, its price is mainly determined by different configurations. For example, the price of lasers with higher power must be higher.


Also, the wholesale price of laser cleaners is another advantage of laser cleaners. If people need more than one laser cleaning machine when they buy, they can query manufacturers to quote the wholesale price. Undoubtedly, whether it is wholesale or single purchase, even if the configuration is similar, the price of laser cleaners from each manufacturer is not the same. Because the price of a laser cleaning machine not only involves configuration, but also factors such as brand and after-sales service.

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