The beauty of wearing a laser-cut lace wedding dress is enviable, and the effects of different crafts are different.

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic,

New couples who originally planned to marry have postponed their marriage.

In this loving festival on May 20, 2020,

The marriage period when the pause button was pressed was finally put back on the agenda.

The wedding is the most important ceremony in life,

Pursuing the ultimate in the quality of wedding dresses,

Is responsible for this important moment.

High-quality laser-cut lace wedding dress perfectly fits this need,

It s enviable and enviable,

The processing technology is different, and the wearing effect is different.


Lace is a timeless classic element in wedding dress design,

It can be noble and refined, or it can be fresh and elegant,

Meet all the fantasies of women's wedding dresses.

The laser beam dances on the thin cicada-like lace,

According to the template designed by the computer, the cutting work can be completed quickly.

What changes is the complicated pattern, and what does not change is the eternal truth.


Exquisite lace patterns are regularly distributed all over the body,

The precision of the laser technology reveals from every lace.

Whether it is blooming on the looming transparent naked skin tulle,

Still dancing on the skirt like snowflakes,

Let each bride raise her hand to reveal the elegant style.


Behind the layers of veil in the wedding dress,

It is the most tender dream in every girl's life.

Laser technology carries the expectation of each woman on the wedding dress,

Create an unparalleled wedding dress for the brides,

Perform the most romantic and perfect wedding.

520 ( wo ai ni) I love you.

Special day,

Special wedding dress,

Dedicated to the most special you!


Recommended equipment:


(Lace laser Cutting Machine CMA1206C-DFV-A)


1. Features of laser cutting machine

◆ High efficiency dual independent motion system cutting mode, the maximum speed can reach 300mm / s;

◆ Import configuration of core parts, stable performance of the whole machine;

◆ Professional flexible material cutting control software;

◆ Large-format camera cutting system and projection alignment system can be configured at the same time;

◆ Separate design of the receiving area and processing area, the material collection does not stop, and the safety is higher;

◆ The integrated circuit design reduces the wiring of auxiliary machines of the machine. The customer only needs to provide the access end of the main power cord and the air source.


2. Process application

Lace laser cutting machine is mainly used for rapid cutting of various non-metal flexible materials such as lace, digital printing, knitting gauze and so on.

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