The strongest marker: three-dimensional laser marking machine

Three-dimensional laser marking machine: marking technology is now becoming more and more mature since it was introduced in 1980s and it has totally grown up in the spotlight around the world. It changed the business model and industry chain, so that it can afford more. The rapid development of three-dimensional laser technology brings a revolutionary change to market and it is widely used in many industries like national defense and military industry, industrial manufacturing, video processing, scientific research, automobile processing, etc., playing its role in all walks of life.
   Recommended Equipment in Han’s Yueming laser: 3D laser marking machine
Applications: various metals or non-metallic products suitable for three-dimensional surface marking, widely used for mobile phone manufacturing, stereo circuit, medical equipment, mold, 3C electronics, auto parts, electronics and communications products?
Han’s Yueming laser owns with the industry's leading 3D laser marking machine marking technology, which can achieve laser marking on the surface of the work piece with more precision and no defocus in spite of complex surfaces. Through self-developed three-dimensional dynamic laser hardware, software and three-dimensional galvanometer, you can mark on three-dimensional surface arbitrarily with laser beam controlled perfectly.

1, Equipped with high-precision three-dimensional positioning technology, high-speed focusing and scanning system, it can bring customers perfect marking results with the laser beam of the fundamental mode, short pulse, high peak power, high repetition rate.
2, Leading 3D graphics technology, friendly user interface, suitable for dxf, plt, Cnc, step, iges, and other formats;
3, High photoelectric conversion rate, long service life, easy maintenance;
4, High marking speed, greatly improving the processing efficiency.
Han’s Yueming laser also offers a variety of laser marking machines to meet market needs such as MUV5-BA UV laser marking machine, MC350-DJ-A laser marker for denim, MC30-B-A laser marking machine and so on.
As the laser manufacturing leader, Han’s Yueming laser begins to study the three-dimensional laser marking technology, which plays a significant role in China's industrialization process. We use self-developed three-dimensional dynamic laser marking control hardware, software and three-dimensional galvanometer to perfectly control the laser beam in an arbitrary three-dimensional surface for labeling.

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