The laser process is applied on campus, and the laser-cut acrylic partition protects students from viruses during meals

After the International Labor Day, all parts of the country have begun to return to school and resume school. And one of the schools in Wuhan has been on the hot search list of the media for its special dining methods.


In the video, the school equipped each student with a foldable transparent partition cut with an acrylic plexiglass laser Cutting Machine. The students wiped off the partition before meals, erected it after cleaning and disinfection, took off the mask , and ate lunch with peace of mind.


In fact, not only this school in Wuhan, but other provinces also set up transparent partitions cut by different forms of acrylic plexiglass laser cutting machines in the school cafeteria for epidemic prevention and control, effectively blocking the face-to-face breathing infections during meals, making the dining environment safer for students .


Acrylic has the same light transmittance as glass, but it is not as fragile as glass, with high durability and easy to clean. The material used as a table partition is perfect. The efficient, intelligent, accurate and environmentally friendly laser process is currently the most high-quality processing method in acrylic cutting. Acrylic plexiglass laser cutting machine uses science and technology to help campus epidemic prevention and control work, and contributes to guarding the safety of teachers and students!


Acrylic plexiglass laser cutting machine cutting acrylic advantages:


The flexible laser beam is used to process the hard acrylic without contact, which will not directly crush the material and reduce the yield of defective products.


Controlled by computer software, the graphics are not limited, and can easily complete the cutting of partitions of different sizes.


The laser processing precision can reach within millimeters, the cutting edge is smooth, and the product is more delicate. At the same time, the safety of use is also guaranteed.


Recommended equipment


Non-metal sheet laser cutting machineCMA1325C-G-H


1. Features

Full gear rack motion structure

High precision cutting

High-speed operation stability


2. Process application

The laser cutting machine is mainly used for the cutting and cutting of large-format non-metallic plates such as wood plates, wood plywood, medium density plates, and acrylic plates.

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