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Simply put, laser lettering is the use of small but high-energy laser beam lettering (number, text, graphics, etc.) on the surface of metal, plastic, paper etc. That is, laser cutting maching is the marking device, capable of marking a series of high-tech products.
We live in a colorful world. Acrylic in advertising industry is used to be as handicrafts. It’s needed to engrave portray images, texts on the surface of acrylic material. The metal materials in metal mold industry need to be engraved identified batch numbers for classification. Spray on cartons and plastic in food packaging industry some of the production date, batch number, and two-dimensional code and so on. laser lettering is everywhere, while laser cutting plotter shoulders heavy responsibilities.

Laser cutting plotter has many names such as laser marking machine, laser inkjet printer and so on. As a traditional laser machine manufacturer, Han's Yueming, its laser plotters are popular among our customers. Where is the confidence and power?
First, it has the professional R & D team. April showers bring May flowers. As a leader for fifteen years in laser technology, Han Yueming's R & D team has been devoted itself to assiduous research, market integration and innovation so that a batch of laser cutting plotters launch successfully.
Secondly, concentrate on exploration. In order to better study the major areas, Han’s Yueming projects the entire development system into several majors: laser marking system, precision equipment system, and  traditional product system etc. All those service to produce more products to meet the public demands. Thus, the batch of laser metal Cutting Machine and laser key marking machine enjoy prestige at home and aboard.
Han Yueming laser recommend products(一): MC150-D-A CO2 laser cutting plotter (laser marking machine series)

Han's Yueming Recommended products(二): CMA6040-KII CO2 laser plotter (laser engraving machine series)

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